With Call Center Learning Solutions you will find experienced Contact Center Trainers who will customize training solutions to help you meet your objectives. Call Center Learning Solutions provides the most comprehensive and complete list of courses focusing of every area of Contact center Management, Operations, and Agent Training.

Name of Course Focus Area Duration
Operations Management for Call Center Supervisors Operations Management 24h
Operations Management for Call Center Leaders/Managers Operations Management 24h
Metrics – Manage Call Center Key Performance Indicators Operations Management 8h
Coaching Call Quality Skills for Call Center Leaders  Operations Management 24h
Calibrate Call Quality Across the Enterprise People Management 8h
Coach Call Quality for Lead Agents People Management 24h
Building Effective Call Center Teams People Management 8h
Building a Call Center Culture and Employee Loyalty  People Management 4h
Leadership and Management Skills For Call Center Supervisors People Management 8h
Manage Change, Stress and Teams People Management 4h
 Manage Change, Teams and Time People Management  4h
Performance and Conflict Management for Call Center Leaders People Management 16h
Train the Trainer to Train Trainer Workshop 16h