Who should attend?

What is world-class call center management? What skills, knowledge, and tools do world-class call center managers need and use, to align their call center team, goals, and strategy with the corporate direction? This workshop is designed to give call center leaders the ability to position their call center as a competitive advantage for their company.

What will you learn?

The Call Center Professional has a large sphere of influence. Their responsibilities include communicating with customers, stakeholders, marketing, human resources, and telecom/information systems teams. This workshop will address the challenge that call center managers face; challenges like, building and maintaining relationships, mission distinction, managing the speed of change, and, educating and managing agents, customers and key stakeholders.

Key Learning Points

  • Uncover Leadership Traits and Skills of World Class Call Center Managers
  • Communicate Culture, Vision and Values
  • Integrate Customer Care Strategies Throughout the Organization
  • Develop Responsibilities and Challenges of Call Center Managers
  • Examine the Components of World Class Call Centers
  • Clarify Market Strategies

Workshop Environment

This workshop is interactive and involves team building exercises, group discussion, brainstorming, practice and the situational application of skills. Students are totally involved in the learning process.


Components of Call Center Management

  • The basic truths of call center management
  • Trends and market driver
  • Examine your sphere of influence
  • Call Center Manager challenges
  • Traits, skills and knowledge of excellent Call Center Managers
  • Call Center Management tools

Positioning the Call Center

  • Develop your marketing strategy
  • Communicate what your call center does
  • Identify stakeholders and customers
  • Understand calling programs

The Dynamics of Leadership And The Call Center Vision

  • Understand leadership and your leadership style
  • Create a 4 step leadership plan:
    • Develop a customer focused vision
    • Communicate the vision
    • Demonstrate the vision
    • Sustain the vision

Create A Customer Focused Culture

  • Determine customer expectations
  • Define the experience you want your customer to have
  • Learn the minimum requirements of great customer care