Canadian National Railway

“In a hard world, one too often forgets that soft skills do matter. In fact, they make all the difference. That’s one of the things I was recently reminded of when I participated in the Customer Care and Call Handling course offered by CCLS. I sat in on the course as the supervisor along with my newly-hired team, none of us with any prior call centre experience, and came out of this two-day training with the tools, skills and confidence to handle customer inquiries with care and professionalism. Our instructor, Jenny, shared with us the insights and best practices learned through her 25-year call centre career. She was warm, charismatic, and made the team feel comfortable and engaged through active participation and role-playing exercises. The course was completely personalized to the railroad industry, which CCLS was able to do in a couple of weeks using a sampling of materials I had previously provided them. I highly recommend the services of CCLS and their Customer Care and Call Handling course, which is a must in any call centre training curriculum that aims at providing top-notch instruction for superior customer service.‎”

N‎uria Pérez de León

Manager, Community Partnerships and Events



Christian Children’s Fund

“The challenges of children throughout the world continue to grow. In order to meet their needs, we must, as an organization provide the best customer service possible in order to maintain our donor base and accomplish our mission.

…CCLS provided customer service training with concentration on the SCORE technique.

Aside from the knowledge, the first benefit was the excitement generated from the training to the participants. The long term benefit will be to spread that excitement and knowledge to our staff and give them new tools with which to do their jobs, benefitting our donors and the children we serve.

The training and trainer were excellent. The techniques generated much excitement for the participants and have helped us re-think all aspects of our customer service: both internal and external, written and oral. We are eager to learn more.”

Martha Belanger
HR Liaison/Trainer
Christian Children’s Fund


Revenue Cycle Partners

We were a new customer service call center dealing with hospital patients. The type of people we hire have a strong medical background so most of the training we put new people through is focused on customer service. We did a lot of research and discovered that Call Center Learning Solutions had the program that matched our needs.

We have used CCLS for Agent Training, Coaching Training and we have had two of our employees become Certified Score Trainers. SCORE is a key factor to the success of our company. We have two people dedicated to SCORE in our company so we have ongoing training and coaching on a daily basis

The huge result that we have achieved by using CCLS and the SCORE model is that we have taken inbound calls and made outbound calls in excess of 600,000 phone calls without any customer complaints. This is proof positive that the program works!!

“It is hard for people to understand the substantial results we have received by using CCLS. I wish that every person that deals with customer service on a daily basis could experience the benefits of SCORE. This program has trickled over into the personal lives of the people that work for our company. CCLS is a wonderful company and the program they have created works wonders!”

Lisa Hammond
Revenue Cycle Partners