Who should attend?

This 2 to 3 hour workshop is designed for call center agents to enable them to actively participate in their own personal growth and development. By effectively using the coaching process, they will learn to refine their skills and manage performance.

What will you learn?

Participate as a full partner with your coach to create expectations and positive outcomes from your coaching sessions. Understand your “rights and responsibilities” as part of the coaching process. Be part of a culture where employee involvement helps you compete and thrive in today’s business culture.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand your value systems and motivators that guide and drive your behavior.
  • Set attainable goals and expectations with your coach and share meaningful feedback.
  • Own responsibility for your own can-do attitude, growth and development.
  • Gain trust, recognition and credibility through effective communication techniques.

Workshop Environment

This workshop is interactive and involves team building exercises, group discussion, brainstorming, practice and the situational application of skills. Students are totally involved in the learning process.


Can be used with any agent skills class in a coaching environment.


Embrace Coaching

  • Define Coaching
  • Your Attitude and Paradigms

Your Comfort Zone

  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Agreeing on Outcomes

The Impact of Measurements

  • Why Measure?
  • Set Meaningful Goals

My Personal Learning Plan

  • My Plan for Growth
  • Gaining Support