Who should attend?

This one-day workshop is designed to give call center agents the skill to deal with the constant change that occurs in the call center environment.

What will you learn?

Constant change and the resulting stress that people feel means different things to different people. Situations of change that one person might find stressful another may find challenging.
The goal of this workshop is to help call center leaders to understand why change feels uncomfortable, often scary for both themselves and the teams they lead. Help your agents learn how to conquer stress by looking at how they “react” to stressful situations and altering their “reactions” with usable exercises. Learn to become change leaders and to “coach” for change.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the value systems that guide and drive behavior
  • Discover why change occurs and how to become a leader of change
  • Recognize the symptoms of stress
  • Uncover coping strategies that are personalized for the individual agent
  • Learn the types of resistance during change and develop strategies to “let go” of resistance to achieve success

Workshop Environment

This workshop is interactive and involves team building exercises, group discussion, brainstorming, practice and the situational application of skills. Students are totally involved in the learning process.


Understanding the Change Process

  • Identify the Types of Changes That Occur Regularly in Call Center
  • Understand the Importance of Change in Business Competitiveness
  • Explore the New Language of Change

Identifying Stresses

  • Learn What Stress is and What Stress isn’t
  • Establish a Stress “Comfort Zone”
  • Identify positive and negative stresses
  • Uncover symptoms and behaviors

Breaking Through the Fear Cycle

  • Uncover why Change Causes Fear
  • Build an “Open to Change” Culture
  • Develop a Plan to Tackle Fears That Relate to Experiencing Change

Coping With Stress

  • Complete a Relaxation Assessment
  • Develop a “Coping With Stress” Action Plan
  • Plan Activities to Relieve Stress

Becoming a Change Leader Within Your Team

  • Recognize Your Personal Change Behaviors
  • Uncover Skills That Bring Success to Change Experiences
  • Practice Behaviors of Successful Leaders of Change
  • Develop a Change Leader Action Plan
  • Coach for Change Readiness