Who should attend?

This one-day workshop is designed to give agents the core skills, confidence and practice to build customer relationships, create a positive image, recognize the customers’ demands and adapt strategies to meet those needs. Build and maintain loyalty through exceptional communication and customer servicing skills.

What will you learn?

Use customer care and communication skills to establish positive relationships, add value to every customer contact and care for the needs of every customer. Use tools and techniques to become the customer’s advocate, provide appropriate product and service information, solve problems, reduce conflict and exceed client expectations. Use world-class telephone voice and etiquette and call handling skills to manage the call for maximum efficiency. Build and maintain loyalty through exceptional communication and customer servicing skills.

Key Learning Points

  • Explore personal paradigms, attitudes and motivators that drive your behavior – become your client’s advocate!
  • Assess your own and your customers’ preferred communications style.
  • Focus on the “total message” with effective listening, responses and pacing skills.
  • Maintain control, quality , efficiency and professionalism through powerful questioning techniques.
  • Give complete information, problem solve and provide solutions using S.C.O.R.E.

Workshop Environment

This workshop is interactive and involves team building exercises, group discussion, brainstorming, practice and the situational application of skills. Students are totally involved in the learning process.


Define Exceptional Customer Care

  • Develop standards of Excellence
  • Determine positive and negative habits

Who Am I? Who Are Your Customers?

  • Identify Communications Styles
  • Recognize Verbal Clues
  • Adapt and Modify Your Style

Commitment for Success

  • Put Together a Plan for Success

Telephone Etiquette Techniques

  • Effectively Place Customers on Hold
  • Avoid Transfer Trips
  • Make Voice Mail Positive

How to Effectively Use S.C.O.R.E. to Exceed Customer Expectations

  • S – Sincerely Listen
    • Identify Levels of Listening and Barriers
    • Practice Active – Focused Listening
  • C – Care and Empathize
    • Practice Responses to Build Rapport
    • Discover Your Response Style
  • O – Open the Door With Questions
    • Use Powerful Questioning techniques
    • Analyze Open vs. Closed Questions
  • R – Resolve/Recommend
    • Give Information – Get Agreement
    • Successfully Solve Problems
  • E – Effectively End the Call
    • Know Your Client is Delighted
  • Position for Future Calls