Who should attend?

This 2-day workshop is designed for a “transaction” based sales environment. It teaches techniques to effectively uncover customers’ needs. It helps you recognize opportunities to add-on, cross-sell and up-sell. It also helps you reduce resistance and overcome the fear of closing. You will learn ways to make recommendations and to add value for your customers. You will practice these skills to enhance and increase your confidence.

What will you learn?

Agents will learn to recognize opportunities to recommend additional products/service offerings and uncover trigger words to prompt add-on selling, cross selling, and up selling opportunities.

Key Learning Points

  • Describe the facts and statistics about successful selling
  • Recognize customers’ buying behaviors
  • Practice the core skills of selling using the S.C.O.R.E. process
  • Listen for verbal clues to uncover needs
  • Develop responses that describe customers’ needs
  • Use questions to do needs-based data gathering
  • Offer benefits based on solutions to your customers’ needs
  • Uncover reasons for customer resistance
  • Overcome customer resistance
  • Re-phrase benefits and gain acceptance
  • Ask for the sale based on individual situations
  • Close successfully
  • Use the entire S.C.O.R.E. process to successfully complete a role-play

Workshop Environment

This workshop is interactive and involves team building exercises, group discussion, brainstorming, practice and the situational application of skills. Students are totally involved in the learning process. Students practice each skill as it is learned. Students must demonstrate skills and mastery through End of Module and End of Course Role-play sessions with feedback and coaching by Call Center Learning Solutions Master Trainer.


Understanding Add-On Selling, Up Selling, And Cross Selling

  • Define add-on selling, up selling and cross selling
  • Define the Sales Cycle
  • Identify what customers want
  • Explain the importance of customer care to the sales process

Buying Styles

  • Apply knowledge of behavior styles to customer buying styles
  • Recognize what customers need in order to buy from you
  • Modify your behavior to effectively sell to your customer
  • Identify client’s style from verbal clues

Habits, Attitudes and Selling

  • Assess the impact of your attitude
  • Identify steps to improve/change attitude


  • Use listening and response skills
  • Develop questions to uncover needs
  • Recognize buying signals
  • Sell solutions and benefits
  • Uncover and overcome resistance
  • Ask for and close the sale
  • Position for the future

Behavior Styles

  • Identify the 4 major behavior styles/traits
  • Identify your own behavior style

Practice and Role-Play

  • Demonstrate skills and competency through full “typical call” role-play